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Happy new-year.

Having closed 2022 and now started 2023 for a few days already, I am happy to wish you an happy new year 2023.

Here are a number of personal goals I record, trying to set some goals

  • 🎵 learning the Ukulele
    • my main motivator is to sing a few kids songs occasionally and during vacations with friends tes
  • 🖊️ write roughly a substantial article per month (I judge 10 articles from 2022 to meet the bar)
  • 📷 a photo-roll with around 30 photos I’m proud of
  • 💻 a number of improvements to the blog-engine:
    • in-markdown keywords to increase the value of Kitchen-Sink as note-taking
    • federation-mode for the explorer (i.e., to connect other blogs)
  • 👔 work-wise I’d like Echoes to jump in adoption to move to the next phase
    • I believe we already have a good offering but we’ve quite a few ideas to provide even more features