mid-year update

On Wed, 21 Jun 2023, by @lucasdicioccio, 266 words, 0 code snippets, 3 links, 0images.

Happy summer.

It’s roughly half-time for this year and hence, besides planning to enjoy music at the Fête de la musique, now is a good time to reflect on my 2023 goals.

Let’s annotate my personal objectives. For the details, I’ll refer you to the relevant blog post:

  • 🎵 learning the Ukulele
    • I would say I’m on a good path to achieve this goal
    • I can say I can play a few songs, I’m a long way to mastery but I will at least play for kids at the daycare
  • 🖊️ write roughly a substantial article per month
    • I’m definitely late on this one. The Ukulele took most of my spare time.
  • 📷 a photo-roll with around 30 photos I’m proud of
    • I think I have quite a few photos from my family trip to China. I haven’t taken the time to sort through them. Without much surprise, the photo-roll is gonna document time spent with my daughter.
  • 💻 a number of improvements to the blog-engine:
    • I’m also on a good path to achieve this goal. KitchenSink now has been documented in depth, and recently got the support for hashtags. Yay #goals .
    • I also have a PoC working for the federation-mode for the explorer but it’s probably bitrotten already.
  • 👔 work-wise I’d like Echoes to jump in adoption to move to the next phase
    • Not commenting on the particular strategy/situation here 😉. Tech-wise I’ve pushed quite a few changes and more to come as we fluidly adapt to load increases.

In summary, apart from the writing on this very blog, I’m doing quite ok on night-owl activities. I have enough draft material and ideas for a few articles already. What remains is time-budgetting.