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I am a bit more quiet now that I have a daughter and now that the pandemic started devastating the world but I’ve done quite a few presentations in the past. I will probably blog more in the future. In addition I’ve added a link of document templates that you may find useful.

If you feel interested in some #talks becoming articles (or, on the opposite and article becoming a talk), please enquire.

Haskell and Functional Programming

Most of my talks spree was while actively learning and applying Haskell to real-world problems (in a sense I still do but not in a professional context).

The Haskell Pyramid

summary A recurring talk I gave (and other people did as well) to explain why Haskell seems so mystic to bystanders. It sort of diffused and has inspired a few people to detail what further better than I would.

gist You can be productive in Haskell with ‘simple haskell’, but no-one is discussing ‘simple haskell’ on the social networks.



Functional is a direction

gist: If you plot the programming languages on an X/Y graph with X as the quality of the local reasoning and Y the level of formalism you use. You’ll notice that languages tend to appear and move to the upper-right direction ↗️.


Haskell teachings applied to architecture

summary I am a software architect and I’ve designed pretty big systems. Haskell’s closeness to mathematical abstractions are useful to think. For instance, the duality between sum-types and product-types is a duality you will find between producers and consumers services in large companies.



summary Slides showing how ProdAPI modularizes a service application like in web-service architectures.


gRPC native

summary A talk I gave to introduce my gRPC library during Zurihac2020.



summary A talk I gave to introduce my http2-client library at a Haskell-Paris Meetup.


Composing Web APIs with Servant

summary A talk I gave to introduce the amazing Servant library to write web-API and clients at a While42-London. It’s a bit lengthy as it tries to share my concept of ‘composition’. That said, the visualizations/animations of how to match ‘types together’ in a Servant API can be helpful. I guess most of the content is still up to date (early 2022) because the Servant concept are rock solid.


An introduction to functional programming

summary A talk I gave at Veepee to explain FP basics. I got plenty of appraisal from colleagues at the time, so I guess it is a decently-good starting material to get a feeling of things like immutability , map and fold.


Les monades en comptant sur ses doigts

summary A monad-tutorial I gave at at Haskell-Paris meetup. Only the title of this talk is in French.


MiniZinc and Constraint-Programming

I have fallen in love with modeling and optimizing engineering (but not only) problems. You will likely see Alloy-content pop up at some point as well. #optimization

Constraint-Programming with MiniZinc

summary A constraint-programming introduction I gave for VPTech. We also solve the cabbage-goat-wolf problem in MiniZinc.


  • not affiliated solving river crossing puzzles , my talk inspired Raimondas Sasnauskas to write down the solution to the cabbage-goat-wolf problem I used towards the later parts of the talk. His article is a good tutorial.


Architecture and Site-Reliability Engineering

I was an #SRE in one of the most hectic team at Google. Add this my especially-bad luck and one could say I’ve handled quite a lot of incidents. Then I’ve been an Architect in a pretty large company with a lot of complex business processes, a good amount of old and poorly-understood code where challenges abund.

Aborder la production comme un SRE 🇫🇷

summary Trying to convey what the SRE approach is. When I gave this talk, few people were interested in the term SRE. In France we alas mostly renamed Devops but here in this recording in French I explain what the SRE approach and mindset is in the place I’ve experienced it.


Post-Mortem Template

A good post-mortem takes time to write but it’s a goldmine of information. I’ve written this template after a request from a friend who had trouble going past the ‘incident report’ that was only scratching the surface. So I wrote a template of Post-Mortem with some text of a pseudo story of things that went wrong.


Design-Doc Template

A template of Design-Doc. A number of sections may be superfluous depending on how fast. But what is key (besides motivating the problem you are trying to solve) is to properly define the axes of analysis from the proper solution-analysis.


Vacat Page Template

A Vacat Page is a page intentionally left blank. Good vacat pages are hard to find. I’ve taken the freedom to plagiarize a vacat page from a book I paid 90euros.